Apartment Therapy.


Just moved from Old Town Orange to Costa Mesa. Fixing up the place with my roomate (also a graphic designer, just like myself). We've managed to make it look pretty sheik and grown up...compared to my old place that had miss match of hand-me-down furniture and stuff found on the side of the road. I assure you that was normal of college students. But now that I've graduated from school, I've graduated to tasteful design. Here are just some of the few things we've bought.

(Clockwise from the top left) The Doile Pot Holder was on sale at Urban Outfitters for only $2.99, was originally $8; the Compensation for Missing Limbs Poster was $20 from 826 Valencia and is silk screened, which I love; we got two of the Expedit Shelves in black-brown from Ikea for $79.99 each and put them on both sides of the plasma tv to make an entertainment center; the 3'3" by 5'3" black Shag Rug from Target for $125.99, which is pretty cheap compared to CB2 and Urban Outfitters' shags; the black Set of 10 Frames were $28 from Urban Outfitters; and the sofa, my pride and joy, was a custom made knock-off. I chose the André couch design from Room & Board and had Sofa Craft clone two sofas, a 3' long one and a 7' long one, in my choice of gunmetal tweed fabric. I think the total of the two chairs came to $1600 and that included 4 pillows, a firmer foam and a stain protector. The Room & Board version would have cost more than $2100.
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