Live young and fast. Die a beautiful soul.

Went to Gold Rush Tattoo in Costa Mesa last night. A friend was getting her spine tattooed with the quote "Live young and fast. Die a beautiful soul." I had met the tattoo artist, Bucky Crispin, once before, but I hadn't seen much of his work. I have to say that he is an amazing artist and I love his style. If I ever get a tattoo, which I'm too scared, but I would want Bucky to do it.

His best pieces are his traditional tattoos and art deco girls. If I had to get anything, it would be something art deco. Hands down.

From February 20th to the 22nd, all the artists at Gold Rush will be at Musink at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds. One day tickets are only $25 and weekend passes are $65. You can go crazy and get the VIP pass for $100. You'll probably see me there at least one day. Tattoos are such a great way to get creative inspiration.